Malpractice Insurance for Psychologists

PsySRPsychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR) is pleased to have entered into an agreement with the American Professional Agency to offer professional malpractice insurance to our practicing psychologist members at a substantially discounted rate.

Many members will find that these rates are significantly lower than alternative insurance options.

Licensed psychologists who require malpractice insurance can receive this discounted rate annually for as long as they are members of PsySR and pay “Regular Membership” dues (currently $75 per year) on a timely basis.

This arrangement applies both to new insurance policies and to policies transferred from another provider.

PsySRWe are pleased to be able to provide this membership benefit. In many cases, the savings will be greater than PsySR’s annual dues. The American Professional Agency has a longstanding reputation as one of the leading insurance providers for professionals in the mental health field. We hope that our interested members will investigate this opportunity and see whether it works well for them.

Please direct your inquiries to the American Professional Agency’s Psychology Office  or visit their website. Thank you.