Guidelines for Student Chapters of PsySR

PsySRNOTE: Please contact PsySR ([email protected]) with any questions or for more information.


Any group of 5 or more students enrolled at a university or college may organize a chapter of Psychology Students for Social Responsibility (PsySSR).

The chapter will be called: Psychology Students for Social Responsibility at ________ (name of institution) and abbreviated as PsySSR-____ (acronym or name), as in PsySSR-UVa or PsySSR-Baylor.

The chapter will be a separate organization from the national organization and is not covered by the non-profit tax exempt status of the national organization.

The Student Chapter Agrees:

The chapter may collect local dues, to be handled by the treasurer, according to local school rules. As a separate organization, the PsySSR chapter is solely responsible for the administration of its funds.

The chapter will elect a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer according to rules provided by the student association of the host university. Chapters will also comply with all procedures for becoming and remaining a recognized student group.

The chapter will select a faculty advisor, who is also invited to join PsySR. The faculty advisor will attend all meetings of the chapter and participate in its development and activities.

The chapter will hold at least one fall and one spring event. Events may include speakers, field trips, films, discussions, debates, and other activities that foster learning and dialogue.

The chapter will maintain good relations with local Psi Chi or psychology student groups and may co-sponsor activities with them.

The chapter may join in coalition with other campus groups working for peace and social justice, given the consensus of its members.

The chapter may establish a listserv for discussion and communication among its members.

If the chapter takes any public positions on either national or local issues, the chapter must make it clear that the position taken is the responsibility of the chapter alone, and not necessarily the position of the national organization. The chapter may also refer to and circulate official PsySR statements approved by the PsySR Steering Committee. The chapter may also submit a proposal on any issue to the appropriate national PsySR Action Committee by working with the PsySR central office to do so.

The Student Chapter will collect a $20 check made out to PsySR from each student upon first joining and mail the checks to the National Office. This will keep the student in good standing as a member of the national PsySR organization during that academic year.

The National Office will handle renewals of membership annually and individually. Alternatively, chapters may establish a system for paying the $20 dues per student annually to the central PsySR office in accordance with local school rules. For example, if the student association gives student clubs funds to pay dues to national associations, payment may be made in bulk. If no school funds are available, students may pay chapter members’ PsySR dues through fundraising activities. However, a student should never be turned away because they are unable to pay dues. The National Office should be informed of any instance in which a waiver of dues is needed to prevent that.

In either case, the chapter is responsible for sending full name, mailing address, and email address of members to the National Office.

PsySR’s Central Office Will:

List the chapter on the PsySR website, and provide a link to the chapter website, if there is one.

Help link to resources such as speakers and PsySR members living nearby.

Provide coordination and support to the chapter in their efforts to network with other aspects of the PsySR community such as facilitating the submission of proposals to Action Committees, participation in annual PsySR activities at APA, etc.