Program on Social Health, Justice, and Well-Being


PsySR’s Program on Social Health, Justice, and Wellbeing offers a range of valuable resources.

PsySRPsySR Statement on Children at Risk

PsySRChildren are the world’s future and every community’s current joy. And childhood–a loving, long, secure, challenging, and joyful childhood–is the time and space they ask us, the adults, to help them create for their healthy development. A healthy childhood, with a balanced, developmentally responsive offering of protections and challenges, empowers them to grow at their own pace into socially engaged community activists, creative and productive workers, loving parents, and fulfilled and focused adults.

At birth, among the young of all species, human infants are unique in the extraordinary quality of care that they require from others of their species to survive and thrive. And the span of childhood in the human species is also a uniquely long one. That has been underscored by recent brain imaging studies indicating that even adolescents’ brains are still very much in a process of maturing. Such a lengthy period of maturation makes childhood a time of special resilience and opportunities.Read More »

PsySRA PsySR Member Perspective: Mikhail Lyubansky on Changing Institutions: “A Primer for the Individual”

Working in the field of race relations, I regularly attend a variety of talks, workshops, and other types of presentations about race and racism. It’s an incredibly rich and diverse area of scholarship and activism, and even after more than 10 years, I almost always learn something new. I also often leave somewhat unsatisfied–not because of anything that was said or done but because something I wanted was left out. Read More »

PsySRA PsySR Member Perspective: Sydney Gurewitz Clemens on Supporting Children of Incarcerated Parents

Because of severe sentencing and the drastic increase in incarceration of women, the number of children who have parents in jail or prison has risen from about 1,500,000 in 1999 to 2,300,000 in 2004, and now is estimated at over 3 million.Read More »

PsySRA PsySR Member Perspective: Melissa Farley on Human Trafficking and Prostitution

According to U.N. estimates, approximately 2.5 million people are being trafficked around the world at any given time, 80% of them women and children. Conservative estimates suggest that the sex industry generates some $32 billion annually. However, estimates of income generated from prostitution in one city, Las Vegas, are as high as $5 billion. Read More »