Social Health in a Global Community

911Today we are facing a crisis that requires a fundamental re-thinking of the moral and environmental foundations of our societies. This need is evident in a rapid rise in mental dysfunction and suicide among increasingly younger populations; the disintegration of family and other social institutions; a pervasive loss of confidence in society; overwhelming evidence of our environmental unsustainability; the current collapse of financial institutions; and the overall instability of a tensions-fraught globalizing world.

Although there is a growing recognition that paradigmatic changes are necessary on all levels of global society, there is not yet a clearly articulated and comprehensive vision of social health in a global community. This vision will be crucial in providing a conceptually sound foundation for understanding the underlying principles and dynamics of social health as a systemic phenomenon, as well as how these principles cut across different sectors and account for the dynamic interactions between and within sectors. In turn, a working understanding of social health can orient public thinking toward a fuller appreciation of the central role of individual and collective human rights and duties, and point to principled solutions to the global challenge of integrating secular, spiritual, and religious world-views in the management of human affairs.

PsySR’s new project on Social Health in a Global Community therefore seeks to bring together a broad range of psychologists and social scientists, in alliance with other organizations and disciplines, to engage in an interdisciplinary inquiry into the nature and dynamics of social health in a global community. The goals of this effort include the articulation of an integrated systemic understanding of social health and the promotion of large-scale educational and public policy change guided by a clear understanding of social health.

To participate in this work, or for more information about the project, please contact Elena Mustakova-Possardt at [email protected].

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