Neuroethics and Artificial Intelligence Project

PsySRPsychologists for Social Responsibility supports scientific progress balanced by ethical development aimed at advancing the well-being of all people. In our Neuroethics and Artificial Intelligence Project, PsySR is working towards gaining better understanding and raising awareness of ethical issues involved in applications of artificial intelligence and neuroscientific research, such as the development of fully autonomous weapons, advanced interrogation and deception techniques, surveillance techniques and neuromarketing.

We are interested in exploring the impact of such systems and techniques on the general population and in questioning underlying assumptions embedded in this research. It is our hope that by engaging the public in discussions on these topics, we can serve to further the development of ethical applications of brain research.

To Become Involved

For more information about this Project and how to participate, please contact project leaders Daniela Kantorova and Ian Hansen. If you are a PsySR member, you can join the project listserv by signing up online HERE (if you don’t have a Google Groups account, you’ll be asked to create one – this is easy to do with any email address, and please include your first and last name as well).