Program on Violence, War, and Their Alternatives

PsySRViolence and its destructive impact on individuals, relationships, communities, and nations are all too familiar. From the suffering caused by intimate partner violence to the devastating effects of today’s wars in which civilians make up the vast majority of casualties, the urgent need for alternative strategies for addressing conflict is clear.

PsySR’s Program on Violence, War, and Their Alternatives works to advocate and educate for nonviolent approaches to conflict prevention and reduction, including the empowerment of potential victims, the use of diplomacy, and the promotion of greater tolerance for personal and cultural differences.

The program’s co-coordinators are Brad Olson and Floyd Rudmin, and they can be reached at [email protected] and [email protected] respectively.

Program Projects

PsySR’s Program on Violence, War, and Their Alternatives engages in activism, advocacy, research, and educational projects. Project descriptions are available HERE, and we encourage members to participate in these efforts.

Join the Program Listserv

One of the valuable benefits of PsySR membership is the opportunity to join any of our program email listservs. Becoming a member of a program listserv enables you to (1) receive regular updates on program activities, projects, and related opportunities, (2) engage in topical discussions and learn from fellow members who share your interests, and (3) participate in planning and carrying out projects.

If you are a PsySR member, you can join the Program on Violence, War, and Their Alternatives listserv by signing up online HERE (if you don’t have a Google Groups account, you’ll be asked to create one — this is easy to do with any email address, and please include your first and last name as well).

PsySR Statement: Confronting the Violence That Betrays Young Lives

Following the December 2012 tragic shootings at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, PsySR has issued a statement calling for determined efforts to address the widespread violence that harms so many children in the U.S. and around the world. Read the Statement »

Coalition Memorandum Opposing Expansion of Presidential War-Making Powers

PsySR has joined a coalition of 23 organizations — including the ACLU, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and Physicians for Human Rights — in sending a memorandum to the U.S. House Committee on Armed Services opposing language in a bill that would dramatically expand the President’s war-making powers (May 2011). Read the Memo »

PsySR Statement Opposing Military Escalation in Afghanistan

In a national address on December 1st, 2009, President Barack Obama detailed his strategy to send 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan and to thereby escalate the war. PsySR has issued a statement that opposes this military escalation. Highlighting key psychological and human rights considerations, we instead call for a heightened focus on development and diplomacy. Read More »

PsySR Member Perspectives

Within each of its program areas, PsySR is working to develop a series of brief essays from our members in which they provide their own informed perspectives on key issues. The Program on Violence, War, and Their Alternatives is pleased to offer PsySR Member Perspectives from Marc Pilisuk on “Who Benefits from Global Violence?”, Kathleen Malley-Morrison and Lauren Groves on “Governmental Aggression”, Clark McCauley on “Terrorism as Jujitsu Politics”, Fathali Moghaddam on “How Globalization Spurs Terrorism”, and Morton Deutsch on “Preventing Armageddon in the 21st Century”.

The Challenge and Urgency of Nuclear Disarmament

PsySRThere are over 25,000 nuclear weapons in the world today. At least 5,000 of them are targeted at cities and on hair trigger alert, ready for launching in 15 minutes. In the name of security, humans have created a system of weapons capable of destroying life on Earth many times over. Despite agreements and treaties committing nuclear weapons states to the elimination of nuclear weapons, the United States funds research, development, and production of nuclear weapons–and threatens the use of these weapons in polices that provoke proliferation, rather than preventing it.Read More »

Program Resources

PsySR’s Program on Violence, War, and Their Alternatives offers a range of resources developed by PsySR and its members, including educational and advocacy materials. These resources are available HERE.

Links to Learn More

PsySR maintains a listing of other organizations focused on issues of violence, war, and their alternatives. The list is available HERE, and we welcome suggestions for additional links to include.