Member-Initiated PsySR Projects

PsySRPsychologists for Social Responsibility recognizes that the most important work we do as an organization flows directly from the interests, experience, expertise, and engagement of our members. We therefore encourage members to develop ideas for specific projects that they would personally like to pursue with other members through PsySR.

If you have a project idea, we encourage you to submit a brief written proposal (one or two pages is all that is needed) to [email protected]. Please try to include brief answers to the following questions:

1. What are the key issues the project will seek to address, and through what means? What are the project’s goals? What is its proposed timeline? Projects can be short-term or long-term, local or global, and they can focus on action, advocacy, research, or education at any level.

2. How does the proposed project fit within PsySR’s broad mission, and which of our six Programs seems to be the project’s most natural “home.”

3. Beyond facilitating broader membership involvement, what support from PsySR is desired for the project? In general, PsySR cannot offer significant direct financial support (although a project idea could involve a formal grant proposal from PsySR to an outside funding agency). But we can potentially provide resources such as website and listserv support, and publicity for the project.

4. What might be some useful ways to track the project over time, so that adjustments can be made when and where desirable? Please include any suggestions you might have.

5. Who are the PsySR members submitting the proposal, and who is the “target audience” of other members likely to be interested in participating in the project? Are there other groups you would like to include as collaborators?

All project proposals will be reviewed by program coordinators and members of the Steering Committee.

PsySR believes that member-initiated projects can be a valuable way to build greater engagement and connections among PsySR’s membership while pursuing our core goals related to peace, social justice, and human rights. So please consider submitting a proposal – or any questions you might have – to [email protected].

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