Peacebuilding Curriculum Development

PsySRIn communities struggling with a history of violence or the threat of future violence, there is a growing need for local and outside facilitators who, with psychological knowledge and skills in community work, can join together to play positive roles in recovery, reconciliation and violence prevention.

The new Peacebuilding Curriculum Development Project will bring together PsySR members with experience and expertise in these arenas to design, with members of local communities experiencing violent conflict, training materials for use in such settings. The anticipated products include a set of related course outlines, case studies, and exercises variably intended to be most appropriate for (a) graduate psychology training, (b) outsider/insider field work adaptable for various cultural settings, and (c) local facilitators, themselves dealing with the pressures of the post-violence communities in which they work.

The need for such a project is evident: in the inattention to peacebuilding in most mainstream psychology programs; in the best practices that too often are not transmitted to new workers in the many post-conflict arenas of the world; in the lack of exposure to communities in violent conflict by those designing programs; in the absence of psychological support for those engaged in trauma healing in war zones; and in the tragic regularity with which community conflicts become self-perpetuating cycles of violence and exploitation.

Interested PsySR members with experience in this field are encouraged to contact Jancis Long at [email protected] to participate in upcoming conference calls and to develop an initial plan for the project’s components, personnel, and timetables.

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