Projects: Peacebuilding and Reconciliation

Below are brief introductions to current projects within PsySR’s Program on Peacebuilding and Reconciliation, along with links for those interested in more information about how to get involved.

In some cases, participation in projects is limited to PsySR members only; in other instances, PsySR works with outside organizations to pursue projects of mutual concern. If you have an idea for a new PsySR project, you can learn more about how to submit a member-initiated project proposal HERE.


New Social Roles

PsySRPsySR’s New Social Roles (NSR) Project seeks to develop dialogue within and between client/survivors with lived experience of mental health systems and social discrimination, and psychologists/clinicians. The focus is on relationship, respect, and developing a culture of social responsibility in and around the character of mental health practices, effective social justice advocacy, and social roles based on respect. Learn More»

Peacebuilding Curriculum Development

PsySRIn communities struggling with a history of violence or the threat of future violence, there is a growing need for local and outside facilitators who, with psychological knowledge and skills in community work, can join together to play positive roles in recovery, reconciliation and violence prevention. This PsySR project aims to develop a set of valuable training materials to assist with these crucial activities. Learn More»

Afghan Women’s Human Rights and Mental Health

PsySRThis PsySR project, a collaborative effort with international and community-based NGO’s in Afghanistan, seeks to train service providers to recognize and address the escalating psychosocial and mental health needs of women and girls in that war-torn country, and to then pass on their training to others. The project’s main focus is to prioritize women’s mental health needs, increase social stability, reduce violence, and promote long-lasting peace. Learn More»

Gaza Community Mental Health

PsySRPsySR’s Gaza Community Mental Health Project was initiated in early 2009 in response to the devastating violence and tragic humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Through fundraising and other assistance, PsySR is working to provide support to the Gaza Community Mental Health Program (GCMHP) in its efforts to address the community’s widespread psychological needs. Learn More»

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