Links and Resources for K-12 Teaching

Materials for All Levels, K-12

PsySRConflict Resolution Education
This site has materials on pedagogy as well as lesson plans that may be searched by audience (grade level) and topics. You can browse for materials by clicking on “Teachers and Trainers” and then looking at the lists under “CRE Practices Descriptions” and “Learning Modules and Activities.” In order to conduct a search for materials by topic and grade level, click on “Resource Catalog” and then “Advanced Search.” You can get a good idea of what is available on the site by clicking “Browse” on the “Resource Catalog” page. It is not necessary to log in.

Educators for Social Responsibility Online Teacher Center
Classroom lessons and activities may be selected by grade level or by theme.

The Hague Appeal for Peace: Learning to Abolish War
Click on “Learning to Abolish War, Book 2” to see lessons plans for elementary, middle, and secondary grades on roots of war, human rights, conflict resolution, and disarmament.

Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution & Conflict Management
This site includes lesson plans, suggestions for infusing conflict management skills into the classroom by subject areas, and other resources.

Teaching Tolerance Classroom Activities
This site has 250+ activities on conflict resolution, tolerance, and related topics that may be selected by grade level, academic subject, and topic.

United Nations Cyberschoolbus
The site has five units with lesson plans on tolerance, critical thinking, social justice, and global citizenship for children beginning with age 8.

Additional Materials for Elementary Grades and Middle School

Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning
The site includes links to sample class activities for social and emotional learning.

Heifer International Read to Feed Program
Free curriculum materials are available for teaching about the causes of hunger and poverty and depletion of the earth’s resources. Units on civics, science, geography, and economics are included.

Making Peace Where I Live
This site provides a description of a class activity in which children meet and interview peacemakers and peacekeepers in their own communities.

Additional Materials for Middle School and High School

Beyond Intractability
The site provides simulation exercises and a student resource center for investigating a full range of conflict topics.

Facing History
There are resources here for teaching about racism, prejudice, and anti-Semitism. See the home page as well as “Lessons & Units” under “Online Campus.”

The Hague Appeal for Peace: Peace Lessons from Around the World
Click on “Peace Lessons from Around the World” for 16 lesson plans for high school students on the roots of war, human rights, conflict resolution, and disarmament.

Healing the Hate
This is a 218-page hate crime prevention curriculum for middle schools from The Office of Justice Programs in the U.S. Department of Justice. There are units on prejudice, conflict, racism, social change, etc. The pdf file may take several minutes to download. The table of contents is on page 8 of the pdf file. Add 8 to the page numbers shown in the table of contents to determine the pdf file page numbers.

Teaching Democracy
Click on “current issues” to see a list of topics with links for downloading free curriculum materials. With some computers it may be necessary to copy and paste the URLs for the curriculum materials from a downloaded Word document to your browser.

United States Institute of Peace (USIP)
The site includes teaching guides for high school students on nine topics as well as ten simulations for high school or college levels.

United States Institute of Peace (USIP) National Peace Essay Contest
This describes and provides all the necessary materials for students to enter the national essay contest. There are 53 scholarships awarded each year to the winners.