Consider Careers for the Greater Good

A New PsySR Brochure

Career possibilities that contribute to “the greater good” are called by a variety of names, including “socially responsible” careers, “sustainable” careers, “doing well by doing good,” “careers that make a difference,” and “green” careers. Jobs in such fields are about making one’s life’s work count for something more than a paycheck.

These careers are built on an awareness of the consequences of what we do every day. They create products or provide services that promote human well-being; exist in companies and organizations that treat workers fairly; offer pay and benefits comparable to those in less socially responsible fields; create little or no environmental pollution; are not destructive to human beings; and respect life in all forms.

With key leadership from Linden Nelson, PsySR and PsySR’s San Luis Obispo Chapter have created a new “Consider Careers for the Greater Good” brochure to help high school and college students consider the social and environmental consequences of their future career choices.

A PDF version of the trifold brochure is available HERE. A complimentary copy may be requested from the PsySR office, and multiple copies may be ordered for 10 cents each, plus postage and handling. To order, please email [email protected]. We welcome donations to PsySR to defray the costs of printing and distributing these brochures.

PsySR is also working to broadly disseminate this brochure, and to promote the key principles upon which it is based.