Projects: Climate Change, Sustainability, and Psychology

Below are brief introductions to current projects within PsySR’s Program on Climate Change, Sustainability, and Psychology, along with links for those interested in more information about how to get involved.

In some cases, participation in projects is limited to PsySR members only; in other instances, PsySR works with outside organizations to pursue projects of mutual concern. If you have an idea for a new PsySR project, you can learn more about how to submit a member-initiated project proposal HERE.


PsySR’s Environmental Toolkit for Mental Health Professionals

PsySRThe mental health implications of climate change and environmental degradation, the human behavior causing them, and what mental health professionals can do to deter this harm are the core of this new web-based toolkit developed by PsySR’s Climate Change, Sustainability, and Psychology Program. The interactive website provides important psychological information and calls on mental health professionals to contribute to it and thereby increase its value for those who will use these resources to sustain our Earth. Visit the Toolkit Website and Participate »

PsySR’s Letter to Congress on the Mental Health Harms of Climate Change

PsySRPsychologists for Social Responsibility has written a letter to Congress calling for strong action on climate change to prevent severe mental health harms. The letter will also be shared with key members of the Obama Administration. Read the Letter »

Help Brief U.S. Senate on Psychological Harms of Climate Change

PsySRPsySR is helping to organize mental health professionals to brief as many U.S. senators as possible this fall about the enormous psychological harm that climate change will bring and the need for a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions to reduce the human suffering ahead.Learn More »

Teaching Psychology for Sustainability: A PsySR-Sponsored Manual of Resources

PsySRThe website is sponsored by PsySR and provides a broad range of resources to help instructors integrate psychology and environmental issues in their courses. Designed primarily for undergraduate teaching, this website includes general resources, instructor resources, a comprehensive site bibliography, and a compendium of course syllabi.

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