PsySR's Mentoring Program

PsySRPsySR’s Mentoring Program is intended to provide support and resources to PsySR members, especially early career psychologists, and others who are interested in integrating social justice, social change, and social responsibility into their practice of psychology, and who are in the early stages of building or redirecting a career that promotes these issues both within the field and within the broader academic and professional environments.

The program is coordinated by the Mentoring Committee. The committee works to cultivate resources (including names of potential “mentors” and of institutions, programs, and opportunities supportive of a socially responsible practice of psychology) and make them available to interested individuals.

PsySR has a large group of very experienced psychologists who are interested in serving as mentors. Please see the PsySR Mentors page for a list of names and background information.

The committee welcomes your questions and the opportunity to assist. For more information, please contact Nahid Aziz


Below are some useful resources; new materials are added on a regular basis.


Centre for Social Justice

Human Rights Watch

Peter C. Alderman Foundation

Physicians for Human Rights

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Social Justice Fund

Social Justice USA

Studies in Social Justice

Women for Women


Liberation Psychology Part 1

Liberation Psychology Part 2