The International Network of PsySR

PsySR The International Network of PsySR (INPsySR) is a newly formed international network of organizations that use psychology to understand and address pressing social issues. Our purpose in linking such groups is:

  • To unite the efforts of psychological organizations around the world in which psychologists are currently involved in peace, conflict resolution and social justice activities.
  • To promote communication and cooperation between psychologists and their organizations in the area of social responsibility.
  • To support member organizations in developing their work in their own countries.
  • To facilitate contacts with international bodies of psychology and related disciplines and to be an important source of advice to institutions, government departments and to political and social organizations.
  • To promote social responsibility in the practice of psychology.

PsySR and similar groups in Finland and Germany are founding members of the network, but we hope that during 2008 it will grow to include large and small organizations from every continent. To apply for membership, please complete and submit our Membership Form.

Current Officers

President: Ferdinand Garoff; Helsinki, Finland

Secretary: Jancis Long; Berkeley, CA, USA

2008 Steering Committee

Christopher Cohrs (Germany), Ferdinand Garoff (Finland), Kaiser Kanerva (Finland), Jancis Long (USA), Anthony Marsella (USA), Miriam Schroer (Germany).

Upcoming and Recent Activities

NEW! Call For Papers and Notice of 2nd Annual General Meeting of INPsySR at the European Congress of Psychology: A Rapidly Changing World — Challenges For Psychology, July 6-10 2009, Oslo, Norway

INPsySR will sponsor a number of symposia and pre-congress workshops at the ECP 2009 in Norway. We invite submissions of abstracts for presentations or workshop activities on any topic related to our aims. More information is available HERE.

INPsySR Symposia Held at July 2008 International Congress of Psychology in Berlin

INPsySR sponsored three symposia at the International Congress of Psychology (ICP) held in Berlin, Germany July 20-25, 2008. The program included a PsySR symposium entitled “Ethics Psychology Torture: Conflicts of Interest.”

INPsySR Inaugural Meeting Held at International Congress of Psychology

INPsySR’s first General Meeting took place at ICP on July 24, 2008. New members were welcomed, information was shared, and the participants developed an Activities Plan for 2008-2009. If you would like to propose activities for INPsySR or have information sent to potential members, please Apply for Membership or write to Jancis Long.