PsySR's Action Groups

PsySRWe are very pleased to announce the official launch of our new PsySR Action Groups! PsySR’s goal and intention in launching these Action Groups is to make it easier for more members to take small, concrete steps towards creative action projects in collaboration with other members with shared interests.

Please see below for a list of the 11 Action Groups with links for joining the groups. For each Action Group, there is also a PsySR email address where you can direct any questions about that particular group (before or after joining). If you encounter any difficulties or have general questions about the Action Groups, please send an email to our Administrative Coordinator, Maria Rotella,.

Action Groups

PsySR Classism Action Group

PsySR Community Violence Action Group

PsySR Consumer Culture Action Group

PsySR Environment Action Group

PsySR Gender Action Group

PsySR Immigration Action Group

PsySR Mental Health Systems Action Group

PsySR Militarism Action Group

PsySR Prison Action Group

PsySR Racial Justice Action Group

PsySR Torture Action Group