Poverty and Discrimination

PsySRPoverty and discrimination are often linked. Discrimination based on ethnicity/race or gender directly influences economic opportunity through a complex set of institutional effects in families, schools, and work settings. At the same time, the poor are routinely targets of discrimination, frequently viewed with contempt for circumstances beyond their personal control. Poverty and racism are important factors in mental health and access to appropriate services, and they are also connected to differential rates of incarceration in U.S. prisons.

The globalization of corporate consumerism and failures of corporate social responsibility pose further challenges in these domains. Greater democratic participation in the economic sphere would lead to investments that meet real human needs first, starting with the poorest of the world's poor, the one billion who live on less that $1 a day.

PsySR is developing projects designed to expose, challenge, and address the destructiveness and injustice of these patterns and relationships. For related topics, please refer to PsySR's Inequality and Racial Inequities pages.

Links and Resources to Learn More and Take Action

PsySR provides a listing of valuable links and resources for people working on issues of poverty and discrimination or wishing to learn more about it. Many of the websites include information on specific opportunities to take action against poverty and discrimination. The list is available HERE, and we welcome recommendations of additions to the list.