PsySR's 2010 Conference: Musical Performances by John Crigler

PsySR"Toward A More Socially Responsible Psychology"

PsySR's 2010 Conference

July 15-17, 2010

Holiday Inn Boston-Brookline

& Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis

Performing at PsySR’s 2010 Conference, John Crigler paid tribute in song to two U.S. soldiers who opposed torture interrogation. John graduated from Berklee College of Music with a major in music composition. He composed these songs for the Project on Ethics and Art in Testimony, with consent of the protagonists. John can be contacted at

"We the People Stand Witness for the Forsaken General Fiscus" (WATCH HERE) recounts in ballad form the Bush Administration’s retaliation against a principal opponent of the Torture Memos, Air Force Judge Advocate General Thomas J. Fiscus. This case engages PsySR because a military psychologist discredited Gen. Fiscus with a fraudulent diagnosis. Military management of moral dissidents through clinical diagnosis is a recurring problem of psychological ethics.

"Covert Operator in Dechen Ling Monastery" (WATCH HERE) harks back to the Vietnam War, where an army medic was drawn into an interrogation episode as translator. Both resistant and cooperative captives were thrown out of a helicopter, and he refused to translate again. Of this event and certain covert operations he would only speak in the safety of a monastery. The song omits the narrative to express the fearfulness and unspeakability of the medic’s experience. Midway, the song breaks into the reorienting Hundred Syllable Mantra in Sanskrit.

The full conference program is available HERE.